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Bibs Dummy – Vanilla NIGHT (glow in the dark)

In stock BIBS


The night edition of Bibs is with a luminous ring that lights up in the dark to help both child and... Read More


The night edition of Bibs is with a luminous ring that lights up in the dark to help both child and parent find the soother if it gets lost.

For best results, hold the pacifier towards a lamp for approx. 10 seconds.

BIBS Danish dummies are the most stylish and high quality dummies on the market. All Bibs soothers are compatible with Nibbling Dummy Clips.

We are so excited to be offering these pacifiers to our customers.
Find the perfect matching Nibbling Pluto dummy clip.


Size 1 is for 0-6 Months
Size 2 is from 6-18 month
Pistachio Green colour
Cherry Shaped natural rubber teat
Made in Denmark
Scandinavian simplicity and style

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